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​Sarah Trent PTA

Sarah has spent a lifetime learning and adapting skills to create her unique treatment style. She begin her career in Sports Medicine/ATC and nutrition, added Respiratory Therapy and Physical therapy to help her care for her clients more effectively. Sarah has been practicing for almost 20 years and enjoys treating clients in 1 on 1 engagements and care. Additionally she integrates Pilates and Yoga with an emphasis on each client’s unique goals, needs, and conditions.

Sarah is a powerful empathic and psychic healer, Reiki/AMAHT Master and a skincare lover of all natural based products. She enjoys educating/helping others to learn to use clean and toxic-free products on their body, face and in their hair for healthier results. Nutrition with toxic-free and clean ingredients is also a huge goal and to help educate the population on this information is a life mission.

Sarah loves to dance to fun music in order to help develop and increase the vibration of the beautifully divine feminine energy that this wonderful world is so desperately in need of at this time. Allowing our feminine energy to flourish and spread will also help love, kindness, laughter and acceptance of one another in this great big world.

Please allow Brian and I to guide you on your healing journey and to help enlighten your heart and soul. It might have been a bumpy road, but you have arrived and we can help teach you methods to make the path much smoother and a hell of a lot of fun!

Please note the founder of the organization is not liable for refunds on behalf of individual consultants. As they are all independent contractors. Not all members are certified by this organization, some are just members of the organizations directory. The ones who are certified have gone through training with our organization and they will say so on their websites.
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Sarah Trent PTA ~ Intuitive Life Coach ~  Psychic ~ Spiritual Consultant ~ Reiki Master & A.M.A.H.T.  Master.