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Regg Evans ~Psychic Medium ~ Spiritualist Healing Medium ~ Spiritual Consultant & Psychic~USA


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As a Professional Psychic, Medium, and Spiritualist Healing Medium, Regg Evans creates a spiritual  soul to soul and energetic connection with you that opens your heart and consciousness to recognize the awareness of signs, symbols, and synchronicities around you. Regg Evans is double-tested, background checked, vetted, and validated through Shay Parker Best American Psychic and Bob Olson Best Psychic Directory and Canadian Association of Psychics & Healers.

Regg is a Member of The Certified Psychic Society, a subsidiary of Best American Psychics, and a Trainee Spiritualist Healing Medium through the Spiritualist National Union in the United Kingdom. Regg is a standing member of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) based in the UK, a Practicing Spiritualist Healing Medium, Professionally tested and vetted on Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory and Shay Parker Best American Psychics. Regg is also a member of The Certified Psychic Society, a subsidiary of Best American Psychics. Regg is also a Senior Member of the (SDG) Spiritual Development Group.

Regg is a Natural Empath, Psychic, Medium, and Spiritualist National Union Registered Healing Medium that enjoy serving his recipients, clients, and peers. Regg provides a range of services from Psychic Soul Readings, Psychic Email Readings, Mediumship Sessions, Spiritualist Healing Mediumship, Oracle Card Readings, and Intuitive Personal & Professional Guidance Sessions (Please inquire directly for Professional Guidance Sessions). These services can be communicated by zoom - video, phone conversations, chat services, and by submitting email psychic questions with a 24 to 48-hour return response. 

Regg Evans will facilitate each session with honesty and integrity. Remember, this is your time and space to discuss your awakening experiences and spiritual intuitions, identify signs, symbols, specific patterns, and perceptions, and ask those questions that require additional validation and guidance on life, career, and relationships.

We all have a life purpose of reaching the most significant potential that we can strive for, and the path to that goal guides us like a compass using our natural abilities to help us along the way.  Regg has recognized his calling and identified where he could make the most difference by being of service to you through his psychic and mediumship natural abilities.  Regg's spiritual path embraces his love for God, and being of service to others.  Regg has always acknowledged his gift of clear seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling, and smelling, which directed him to develop his