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Web site: 3rdeyeopennycpsychic.com

Intuition is one of your greatest, most profound talents. In it, you can see and feel the Universe, your brilliance, courage, weaknesses, and vision. You can transform your life! Once you see your Life's Path, everything is illuminated! I am here to help you find and live your gifts. I live my path with passion and am a highly trained clairvoyant and energy worker. Let me light your path, as you connect with your brilliance. 

Resolve issues including past life events, so you are free to live a joyous present and future. Feel the excitement of connecting to other dimensions in your own existence.Everyone can connect with Spirit. In Shamanic lineage, when a child or person is different and doesn’t fit in, they are cast out from the tribe. They go on a journey to develop their connection to the Cosmos and Spirit They return as catalysts and healers for the tribe. 

This is the intuitive journey that you can experience too, especially if you have known any kind of family or childhood trauma. My Guides and Angels go to the source. They show me ways for you to integrate these experiences in a powerful way so that you are released from any past trauma influence. You become creative and free.The benefits of a Clairvoyant reading are self-awareness, clarity, creativity, enhanced intuition and dreams, focus, self-knowledge and confidence. Expand your vision and experience the gratitude of your amazing life. 

I am a highly trained… 

 Psychic Medium in the lineage of the Dark Goddess
 Clairvoyant
 Clairsentient
 Clairaudient
 Energy Worker: Shiatsu, 3rd Level Reiki Master, Transforming the Energy Matrix, Shamanic Bodywork
 Teacher of Psychic Development and Spirit Contact
 Feng Shui Practitioner
 Hypnotherapist
 Ancestral Healer

Why people choose me:  I help you see how the parts of you, wounded in childhood are the source of your Magic and how you’re here to help others transform and heal.You intuitively know and understand your connection to the cosmos is your (physical) ability to have happiness and success!I am passionate about what I do, open, trustworthy, judgment free. I invite and encourage you to transform your life by connecting to Source and look forward to seeing and sharing the many dimensions of who you are. Available for local in person readings, and phone readings nationally and internationally.

Tel: 201 865 3823
Email : moongoddess3@earthlink.net
Web site: 3rdeyeopennycpsychic.com 

Melissa Stamps ~ Clairvoyant Psychic Medium ~ NJ

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