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Juliette is a Psychic-Medium who has served the spiritualist churches as a platform Medium in the UK, and who is recognized by the Spiritualist National Union.

During her time providing mediumistic demonstrations, she was continually praised for the accuracy of the information gathered from spirit and delivered to the audience.

Additionally, having herself experienced the passing of her beloved Dad during her early adulthood, she recalls her time as a platform medium as some of the happiest of her life. As words cannot describe what it feels like to provide people with proof that their passed loved ones are still with them and watching out for them.

For 4 years now, Juliette has also been providing private consultations to clients living in the UK, in the US, in Australia, in Canada, and in Europe.

She is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient medium, this means that she can see in her mind’s eyes, ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ spirit. Being naturally tuned into the spirit world, she can convert, as natural mediums do, what spirit convey to her into a clear format, just like a radio can convert frequencies into music.

During a consultation she will open to all her abilities and connect with the spirit world to provide you with information and messages from your loved ones who have now passed on. Therefore, giving you the reassurance that they are still by your side. Opportunities and challenges taking place in your life will also surface during the reading, and guidance will be provided to help you gain clarity and direction.

Longer readings of 1 hour will provide the opportunity to take a more in-depth look at key areas of life and to address any issues that might prevent you from moving forward. This will help you to gain clarity and provide you with the tools needed to embark on self-improvement.

If you do not want/need connection with passed loved ones, a psychic reading only will be given in order to provide answers to your questions.

One of the lessons Juliette has learnt from the Spirit world is this 'our life purpose in this Universe is to mould ourselves and develop ourselves to the very best that we can be to give service to others'. Thus it is her honour to work alongside spirit to bring you some of the tools needed to embark on your own spiritual journey.

A consultation with her is always a very special moment filled with messages of Guidance, Love and Upliftment.

She works via video calls.

Please use the email address or call via what’s app to book an appointment.

Juliette Celeste~  Psychic Medium- Spiritualist- Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient. USA & UK