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Phone  1 734 222 8101         1-800-ASK-JOAN        Email: Info@joanstjohn.com

Website: https://joanstjohn.com/

Joan St John Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Michigan

Joan St John shares her psychic gifts with compassion and integrity, to enlighten and empower, offering spirit driven information in the form of practical options and solutions for daily life. A psychic medium, author and lecturer for over twenty years, she consults with a diverse international clientele.

Her readings offer clarity, are positive in nature, ethical, confidential, and for the highest good. Joan’s ability to approach the unique and individual needs of her clients, aid in a deeper understanding of the messages she
receives for them. ​ A psychic reading provides an opportunity to see options not visible by other means and can help when faced with a choice or reach a point where you need to see potential outcomes.

As a psychic medium Joan communicates with spirit guides and loved ones who have passed, assisting clients seeking guidance, closure, and to reach higher potential and understanding in their lives. This experience can prove to be deeply emotional, sometimes startling, but always comforting. Joan conducts seminars and classes in psychic development, has lectured at universities, appeared on TV and radio, and is a published author. Joan also uses her psychic abilities to work with autistic children and adults, crime investigations through law enforcement agencies, pet communication, and conducts house inspections for home buyers. As a
master level Reiki practitioner, she incorporates energy healing during her
consultations, when needed.

Joan conducts paranormal investigations, communicating with entities, discovering their stories, and why they remain on this plane and aiding in their release. Her work with spirits was the basis for her book, "Mists of
Mackinac. From the onset of awareness of her abilities, Joan knew her life’s purpose was to help and teach others. That mission has been woven into her work. With a down-to-earth, heartfelt approach, Joan is dedicated to helping those seeking to attain peace of mind, serenity of heart and purpose of spirit.

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