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Dr. Brian received a Doctor of  Physical Therapy degree from Duke University. He is passionate about  helping people to address the root causes of dysfunction so that they  can reach their goals based of of his experience in learning and healing his own body. ​An Army veteran, he worked for over 19 years of service, where he developed a lifetime of stress, maximizing anxiety, and not dealing with it. Since then he has developed many tools to help him take control of his nervous system, stay calm, reach into the spiritual, and fight disease. 

Throughout his military career and education, he found himself overprescribed pain medications–masking issues rather than addressing the underlying problems. He has worked his entire life to manage pain and become more capable to manage body mechanics, minimize injuries, and reduce chronic stress.​Brian is an outdoor enthusiast, loves going on adventures. Whether that is swimming in Stony Creek or heading off to some strange land to try new food and explore. He is passionate about helping others to do the things they want. He enjoys hiking, biking, running, paddling, and climbing–just about anything that gets him moving outside.

Brian has researched, attended, developed, refined, and worked to create the breathwork, meditation, mobility, yoga, and hot/cold therapies to help himself and he is eager to share them with others. He completed training with the Wim Hof Instructor Academy, Buteyko Breathing , Yoga Nidra, Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation,  Reiki/AMAHT Master, and many other forms of physical and spiritual learning. He uses these tools create his workshops to share with others the things he's used to improve his health on the whole, and his mental/physical/spiritual wellbeing. 

Which he will also share with you.

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