​Catt Foy has been a practicing psychic since 1978, but her education in the realm of the metaphysical began when she was a child.  She began by reading about Edgar Cayce when she was eight years old, which led her to books on reincarnation, ghosts, psychic powers and other related topics.  By the time she was 12, she had read every metaphysical book in the Harrisburg Public Library and began collecting books for her own collection.  She is hoping to one day boast that she owns the largest privately-owned metaphysical library in North America.

Catt has been a student of many religions, beginning with Christianity and including Christian Science, Unitarianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, mythology, and shamanism.  Catt is an ordained minister, certified hypnotherapist, astrologer, psychic, intuitive, and medium.  She is also gifted at reading places, and has participated in a number of paranormal investigations and psychic archaeology.

In 1987, Catt Foy discovered the oracle deck, Psycards, and introduced them to the United States.  She is now the CEO of Psycards USA and the sole distributor of Psycards in North America.  She is the author of Psycards—A New Alternative to Tarot, and appears at psychic and metaphysical fairs in the Pacific Northwest.

Catt has appeared at many fairs over the years, beginning in 1988.   She has conducted readings for hundreds of clients at events in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, and Oregon.

Catt is available for astrology charts—specializing in Life Mission and career, and using astrology to develop your own psychic gifts. Past life regressions help you discover, uncover and remember past life experiences and lessons and teach you how to apply that knowledge in your current life.

Catt also is the founder of The Poetry Street Project, a non-profit organization that seeks to aid writers, artists and other creatives who have experienced homelessness or poverty to pursue their creative careers and find their “right livelihood.” She is an accomplished artist, well-published freelance writer (specializing in articles of cultural, spiritual and environmental interest), and award-winning photographer.

Catt has a regular column on Psycards in The Cartomancer magazine (http://thecartomancer.com).
Her psychic readings go beyond simply reading cards, and may include messages directly from Spirit, or from relatives and loved ones who have crossed over, as well as karmic or past life information.

Catt holds an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing-Fiction and teaches classes on Psycards, astrology, nature writing, creative writing, spiritual writing, and shamanism.

Readings can be conducted in person, via email or FB chat.  Regressions are conducted in a face-to-face session only.  Or look for her at one of the following annual fairs in Oregon:

Rasani Fair, Albany, OR.  First weekend in October

Magickal Mystical Mayfaire, Corvallis, OR.  First weekend in May.

The Northwest Tarot Symposium, Clackamas, OR.  First weekend in March.

Catt Foy ~ Psychic Consultant ~ Tarot Consultant ~ Astrologer ~Energy & Spiritual Healer. OR

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