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​Catt Foy has been a practicing psychic since 1978, but her education in the realm of the metaphysical began when she was a child.  Reading Edgar Cayce on Atlantis sparked an unquenchable desire to understand the unseen mysteries of the Universe.

Today, Catt is an ordained minister, certified hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, psychic, astrologer and intuitive.  She is training to be a certified life coach and is earning a certificate in neurolinguistics programming. Catt has also completed Community Group Facilitator Training for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and plans to start an IONS Community Group after COVID.

In 2018, Catt became the organizing force behind the Meraki! Spirit & Arts Fair, which was held the last weekend in January until 2020 at the Emerald Art Center in Springfield. Catt hopes to resurrect the Meraki event in 2023 or 2024.

In 1987, Catt Foy discovered the oracle deck, Psycards, and introduced them to the United States.  She is now the Queen of the Psycards (CEO of Psycards International). She is the author of Psycards: An Oracle of Archetypes, and Rune Stones and Their Interpretations.  Catt has also written an historical novel, Bartleby: A Scrivener’s Tale under the name Catherine Anthony Foy, to honor her family name. She is currently working on The Origin of Oracles, expected to be published sometime in 2022.

Catt will be returning to psychic fairs in the Pacific Northwest in 2022, with the MeWe Fair in Eugene on January 29-30 at the Lane Events Center.  She is also slotted to be at the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland in October. 

Catt holds an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing-Fiction and is available to teach classes on Psycards, astrology, writing, and related topics.  Catt is also available for book signings at retail outlets.

Catt conducts readings in person, via email or Facebook Messenger.  Regressions are conducted only in person. Catt is fully vaccinated and will be honoring all COVID protocols.

Set your psyche free.


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Catt Foy, author Psycards:  A New Alternative to Tarot
4317 E 20th Ave
Eugene OR  97403

Catt Foy ~ Psychic Consultant ~ Certified Hypnotherapist (Past Life Regression) ~ Astrologer, OR

Phone: 1-541-505-7717      Email:  cattfoy@gmail.com      psycardsusa@gmail.com


Websites: www.cattfoy.com     www.psycardsusa.com​       www.merakifair.com

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