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Aina-  Intuitive Medium, Clairvoyant ~ Clairaudient ~ Clairsentient ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Tarot Consultant. USA Bilingual Speaks Spanish and English.

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Telephone: +52 981 101 0965

Also WhatsApp: Same Number.
Email: windsofchange9@protonmail.com
Website: www.botanicawindsofchange.com



Aina is a Creole woman with Indigenous American roots in the deep south & the West Indian Island of Haiti & Dominican Republic. Born in a family line of ancestors with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, & clairaudience, she has inherited these same gifts through blood and has always been closely connected to the spirit world.

In her late teens, she began to receive guidance that led her to trust in her spiritual gifts and use them to help others. Along with ancestral initiations of the spirit realm, she has also been ordained a Priestess in both Cuban traditions of Lucumi and Palo Mayombe. She is an Intuitive Medium, Spiritist,Community Herbalist, Doula (preconception/birth/postpartum/rebirth"death"),Womb Healer through massage, Reiki Healer (local & distant), and Acupuncturist.

Aina invokes the Creator (God), her guides, ancestors, spirit animals, along with different elements in nature to provide guidance and healing for her clients and has been doing so for the public for over 15 years. Different tools such as Tarot Cards, Shells, a Pendulum, or bones may be used in a reading session depending on what she is intuitively guided to use.
Sessions are usually 1 hour and the goal is always to assist in bringing clarity to life's challenges, getting her clients back on their divine life path, and feeling empowered.

This may include some spiritual work done on behalf of Aina and/or the client by way of specially prepared candles, oils, spiritual baths, or whatever the suggested remedy is from the spirits. These are specially prepared for the individual client and tailored to their unique situation.
Aina has received lots of praise from her clients and humbly accepts it as she is passionate about helping and is always grateful she is one of many chosen to do this work this lifetime. She never ceases to be amazed by the outcomes of the spiritual workings and celebrates by always giving back to source.

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