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My full time hobby of the ESP has taken Me on a likely never ending quest throughout evolution of mind, soul, and body (if there is difference between them).

My greatest Accomplishments have been the invention of the Hour Glass tarot spread, producing some of the most accurate and informative readings, and further evolving through the development of advanced ESP and study methods.

I have been a reader of cards and researcher of paranormal phenomena from some time before 2000-Now and have taken on a professional role as a consultant of the metaphysical types from 2015-Now. High scoring Remote viewer from 2018-Now.

Over these past four years I have created an extensive evidence log with the use of live recording sessions over social media platforms as a means of gaining a footing as to what is to be considered “True Accuracy” while performing Tarot Readings, and clairvoyant practices. (To witness signature of the soul and how different peoples work will reflect while producing results)

These days I am currently an online student at MIT (lenient hours based on own schedule), the paranormal reverberates well with My profession as a Remote Viewer, Light practice of ritual, performing a Séance, pendulum and crystal ball sessions ,as well various types of Clairvoyance practices, and of course Tarot cards!

About the decks, Aleister Crowley, Salvador Dali, Traditional Universal Holographics, Super Traditional, and The Alphabet Deck for construction of sentences or selecting digitally stored photos which were downloaded and balanced to themes that are calibrated at what I believe to be of proper algorithm and produce not reduce, accuracy as they have been tested as much as needed.

I spend My days a student of MIT, fields of study are physics and animal behavior, this is a duel adventure which holds hand with parapsychology very well, allowing to more fully grasp the deeper functionality and logics of ESP phenomena in much greater detail.

Many hours a year practicing and producing ESP phenomena not only as means of allowing detailed insight to questions of friends and family, (or for respectable entertainment) though also to review the thought sciences involved given by the results.

Over the past 3 years I have managed to successfully earned professional degrees from programs offered by Theresa M. Kelly curriculum systems such as Models of Precognition, TELEPATHIC STUDIES, EMPATHIC STUDIES, SCIENTIFIC TELEPATHOLOGY, SCIENTIFIC EMPATHOLOGY, SCIENTIFIC CLAIRVOYANTOLOGY.

My psychic scores are like that of no other as You will likely see after choosing Me to perform readings, remote viewings, and other forms of psychic practices, I believe this to be resulting of number self awareness and birth sign, My wish is to use what I have to produce the very best and truthful results.

Phone: 1 989 304 6603
Email: ace.the.psychonaut@gmail.com

Timothy Rogers~ Tarot Consultant ~ Remote Viewer ~ Clairvoyant ~ IL

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