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"Back by popular demand, Sunny Rosario has reopened her client roster and is now accepting new clients!

Sunny Rosario Trujillo is an international psychic medium and energy healer.  Sunny specializes in personal, transformation readings as well as house blessings and the extraction of malevolent entities. Sunny's non-denominational approach to energy healing appeals to people all across the spectrum. 

In addition to personal readings with clients, Sunny runs a Law Enforcement Pro Bono program which aids law enforcement agencies and the families of crime victims or missing persons without any cost to the family or agency. Sunny has worked with Colorado law enforcement agencies on very serious missing persons and cold case files. In one instance, her psychic investigation resulted in first-degree murder charges against a person who was later found guilty of homicide.

Despite her impressive resume and no-nonsense approach, Sunny is warm, funny and easy to talk to. Clients describe her readings as compassionate, life-changing & shockingly accurate." 

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