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I am a native of San Francisco and was born in the summer toward the end of the fifties.  My arrival was in the beautiful city of San Francisco California at San Francisco General Hospital.
I was premature weighing four pounds. My mother had some complications after my birth.  She had healed after several weeks and we were released to go home.
Growing up as an only child has it advantages and disadvantages. 
The disadvantage were times of feeling lonely, there was no one to play with or talk to at home. In those times of loneliness, I had several friends that I trusted who were invisible.
The advantages were receiving attention,
having more than enough of my basic needs.
My mother was a great provider. She had provided everything I had desire except a sibling to grow up with. I receive lots of attention. 
Throughout the years,
I notice the voices I heard would tell me what was going on in relationships of people I had known.
This continue for two years and I had not spoken to a soul about it, due to fear.
Later in life I had became a Counselor/ Life Coach. I spent ten years counseling  woman. This was the only recovery facility for women in San Francisco. I love working with them and their children.
Their  goal was to graduate from the program with eighteen months clean and reunify with their children.
The women and I had experience a common bond. That bond was addition
I had been clean for two years prior to being hired as a counselor/life coach.
I love helping the women creating a new way of living life. They were able to transition from a place of pain to a place of treasure. They were creating their own life with purpose.
The last twenty three years I work with  psychiatric patients in a lock down facility. I also work with people as a Psychic Medium
There is a calling on my life that began with me, yet it is so much greater than I. 
I am so greatful for the gift that has been given to me. I shall continue to utilize all my gifts to live a life on purpose with purpose.
There is no greater time to enjoy life than now. I am retired and my enjoyment has been traveling, family gatherings, enjoying the surroundings of nature,
and movies at the theater.
Tarot Cards
Oracle Cards
Spiritual Soul Healer
Life Coach
Half An Hour.   $75.00
Hour.                 $125.00

Rochelle Evans~ Psychic  Medium ~ Psychic Consultant~ Intuitive Consultant. Oakland  CA.

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