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Email: Pat4bs@msn.com              Website:  www.alchemyuniversaltherapies.com

Pat Forbes ~ Psychic  Medium~ Intuitive

Consultant ~ Colorado

Call Now: 970-566-2402

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Pat is a 21st Century Shaman. Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Time Traveler.  She works with Angels, Guides and the Galactic Federation of Light, plus the Ashtar Command.   I journey into the Past, Present and Future to find the Root of each situation presented.  Once it is found, I assist you in healing or making the changes needed.  This usually includes clearing inherited or past life illnesses, curses, hexes, or spells at the root where the DNA has been affected. I have learned many technologies that are of the 
Quantum Physics realm – Some call it 21st Century Magic – I call it Consciousness Technologies.  I have studied and been certified in Matrix Energetics, Organ Regeneration, The Emotion Code, Universal White Time Healing.  I also teach Regeneration Through Consciousness, and The Harmonics of Transformation, a technique given to me by my Galactic Guides.

Pat is one of the most world-renowned ET and ET-Assisted Healers, a featured speaker at the 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference and has appeared on popular radio shows, spiritual and healing blogs and magazines and in the best-selling spiritual memoir, The Year of YES! “My purpose is to help others, including you, to raise the vibration of thinking and being so that you can step into your divine purpose while you are here—on and off of this planet,” Pat explains.  Pat Forbes is the creator of the exclusive Alchemy Universal Therapies, a very powerful healing modality which has been downloaded to her through Extraterrestrial (ET) 100% light beings of the Galactic Federation of Light.

She is currently the only person on the planet with the information, knowledge and skill to perform this transformational healing modality. She now has an Apprenticeship program for those wanting to learn along with other workshops to bring you into the 21st Century of Healing technologies. Some of what is covered is: Alchemy Universal Therapies can:  Create DNA-deep, High Vibrational Change, Stop the aging process, Time Travel back to the origination of a problem and reverse it, Eliminate generational patterns and curses, Eliminate inherited disease, Help you communicate with your own Spirit Guides and ET helpers.

Phone: 970-566-2402
Email: Pat4bs@msn.com
Website:  www.alchemyuniversaltherapies.com

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