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Naomi Horii is a healer, intuitive, and teacher working with people all around the world. She has spent the last couple of decades studying love, being love, and practicing doing everything she does with love.

She teaches you how to use your innate vibration of love to re-balance your health and your life. Naomi does healings, intuitive readings, and spiritual counsel in the vibration of unconditional love. This is the core teaching of her work and has helped people access miracles of health, wealth, and general opening to happiness.  

In 2005, her doctors told her she had a 7% chance of survival from a rare and aggressive form of cancer. She used her tools to heal and is passionate about sharing these tools with her clients and students in becoming the best versions of their authentic selves.

I offer healing and intuitive reading sessions, using techniques that bring you into your wholeness and divinity with love.
I do readings and healing for individuals couples, families, businesses and organizations, animals, and children.

An intuitive reading examines the energy in your energy fields that your spirit is showing me in relation to what you’d like to look at for your session. A healing removes any energy that affects your optimal well-being and functioning that you no longer need and resets your energy to the vibration of love and health. The energy healings will often translate into greater physical health as well as emotional, spiritual, and mental health over time.

Healing's and Readings are generally done remotely and many clients specifically request them while sleeping so their minds are still and their bodies can absorb the healing's optimally. I record the session and email you a password-protected link (expires within 24 hours) so you can download the recording and listen whenever you want. If a recording is essential, you can use Audacity to record the reading as a back-up in the event of any technical issues.

Possible personal session topics:

Looking at your optimal self and releasing energies that no longer serve you

Guidance on potential romantic partners or improving an existing relationship with consciousness around the issues of each unique relationship

Creating a therapy plan to make the best use of your time with your therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor, and creating a healing plan to complement your care with your therapist

Examining the energies related to physical issues and helping support your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental energies through healing work. (Please note that I am not a medical doctor. What I do is support you in your energetic health, which sometimes can affect your physical health.)

Examining energies related to your family and loved ones (including your animals) and helping them release any energy that no longer serves them while helping you understand complex relationship dynamics.

Corporate sessions:

Looking at whether to choose someone as an employee, investor, or business partner

Examining the optimal energies of your job or business, and creating a plan to maximize your profits and career satisfaction

Working with your employees or HR Department to create plans that support employee satisfaction and productivity

See www.holdinglightproductions.com for more information. 

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