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Website: www.mona-susanna-psychic-medium.com

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Mona Susanna ~ Psychic Medium ~ Psychic Consultant~ Intuitive Consultant. CA. NY

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​Mona-Susanna, my story
I was born with this gift of “seeing “At a very young age my mother noticed my abilities to know things in advance. I wouldn’t open my Christmas presents because I would know what was in them.

This was very natural for me. It took me many years later in life to understand I was different, I tried to block my visions and live a normal life and that confused me even more. Now I am able to use my gift of seeing to help people, I connect very strongly to a persons spirit guides and often get strong messages from passed loved ones as well.

I tap into a persons energy and move in time between the past and present. I fully heartedly believe I was given this gift so I can help people . I want to dedicate the rest of my life working from love and be a guide to those who come to me.

I have finished James Van Praagh’s psychic and mediumship certification programs as well as John Holland’s Psychic/ medium program. I have studied parapsychology, psychology, Aura healing and past life regression