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MJ  Olinger ~Intuitive Consultant ~ Angel Card Reader~ Psychic Medium~Past Life Regression~ CO

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​I am of the light.
I practice in the light.
I stand in the light.

These are words that reflect MJ’s  approach to daily living and client sessions.

Over the years since childhood and into adulthood, MJ Olinger RN, MPH accepted her intuitive and sensing abilities as common characteristics in her daily life in service to others.  She experiences numerous interactions with spirits and NDEs.

 In 2011, MJ lost her son to unexpected suicide, a situation that brought a deep loss no parent wants to experience.  However, Jason broke through barriers to communicate with his mom on a daily basis and is her guiding light. They make an awesome team.

 In 2012 MJ was taught directly by Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) and earned advanced certifications.    MJ is archiving over nineteen of Dolores Cannon's books as a resource for QHHT practitioners and is very active on the Original QHHT Forum for practitioners around the world.

MJ works with clients, interested in connecting with loved ones and/or pets that have died, to provide a communication link for healing and resolution. 

 With over 25 years in critical care, emergency medicine and health care management, MJ chose to refocus her positive outlook on life with other healing modalities.

Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques (level 5)  teacher:  Rosemary The Celtic Lady

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT), Reiki, Cellular Regeneration, Reconnective Healing, Angel Card Readings, Akashic Records Readings.