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​About Matt

Matt is a psychic intuitive who uses intuitive/claircognizant abilities to help you discover what your truest desires and needs are in your current stage in life, and what you need to do to put these into action to get more of the success, love, satisfaction and sense of purpose that you want.

He is able to see patterns in your life and in your energy that may be hindering you from having more of what you desire, and is also able to see patterns that may hint at talents and potentials you didn’t know you had (and how these are really the secret key to what you’re looking for). His greatest joy is in helping you discover how your life is meant to be an adventure, and to help point you on your path to both a greater sense of happiness and achievement, as well as purpose, mission and belonging.

Matts specialty is in helping you see that things are not always as they appear, which is especially refreshing for those who have had challenging lifetimes or have not fulfilled preconceived notions of who or what we were taught we were ‘supposed’ to be. He is especially oriented to working with those whose life path or current situation do not follow a typical pattern, or have perhaps been more intense or challenging than expected.

Matt sees behind the surface-level story of your current circumstances to help you uncover the bigger truth hidden beneath. More often than not, these themes are closely connected, as what may appear to be mysterious or out of place often holds the key to a vast power and potential we didn’t know we had. Before we came into this lifetime, we set clues for ourselves to help us discover this. This has been the case for him, and is what led him to the work he is doing now. And it all started in a way most unexpected.

To read more about this amazing young mans journey go to  http://www.soulpathwayreadings.com/about-me/

Matt Derickson~ Psychic Intuitive Consultant ~ Intuitive/Claircognizant  ~ CO ~ CA ~ WA 

Phone: 1-720-385-4948                   Email: info@soulpathwayreadings.com

Web site: www.soulpathwayreadings.com

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