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Hello to all of you, and thank you for visiting my "Life Force Energetic Art" shop! I have loved art since I was a child, and became an art educator in the first part of my career. Today, chalk pastels are my preferred medium for creating my "energetic" artwork! I love how I can manipulate them to to create vibrating colors!

My personal journey in creating energetic art surfaced as an unexpected gift from God, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit! WOW! It is a very humbling experience for me to realize that I have been chosen to utilize the Divine Christed Energy to positively impact the lives of so many people. Creating this energetic art has become my life's purpose. I would love to share with you how it can benefit your energetic essence in so many positive ways!  I also can provide you intuitive insights specific to the current state of your energetic field and recommend some simple and effective energetic exercises to help you bring balance to your energetic self!

I have spent many years learning about and practicing spirituality. Having refined a personal meditation technique, I've learned about the energetic presence or life force that each and every one of us hold within. I use prayer, meditation and a self-energy balancing exercise to begin each special piece of art. I am blessed with the gift of creating energetic art and hope that you also enjoy its "life force" benefits. 

MY INSPIRATION!                                                                 

I was raised by my wonderful, loving and supportive parents Helen and Walt. My life is continually enhanced by the many life lessons they provided me.

Mom died in 1977, and her passing led me on a personal journey of learning about the energetic life force...what I refer to as "soul essence." At that time in my life, I began drawing what I called "spiritual guides" for various clients in several states. Some people refer to these guides as "angels." 

Dad died in 2010, and shortly after his departure, I began working on my current series of  "Life Force Energetic Art." This energetic art continues to grow and change as I grow and change in my own spirituality. 

I am continually blessed by the opportunities my parents have provided me. They initiated my faith in God, and now the journey He is asking me follow will enhance the lives of others  with my "divinely inspired" creative talents! 

Text: 1-770 926 9451           Email:Mary@lifeforceenergeticart.com                

Website: www.lifeforceenergeticart.com                  

Mary Ursits~ Psychic ~Spiritual  Artist ~ Energetic Art ~Consultant ~  GA~IN

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