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Jethro Smith~ Psychic Medium ~Psychic  Consultant ~ Astrologer. CA



Please visit my website for information about me, groups and readings.
Part Native American Indian, Jethro was born with psychic abilities which dramatically heightened after a near death experience.  His extraordinary gift as a psychic medium became public at the age of eight and he began foreseeing the future. He is open in all modalities and can see, hear, and feel the metaphysical world. He is able to naturally see a person's aura and chakras. Jethro is certified as a tarot reader and psychic reader and is a certified reiki master.

Please call to schedule your app and the times my office is open.

Office Address is below: 

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Tel: 1 928-284-0437  Email: jethrohelps@gmail.com
website: www.psychicjethro.com

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