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Jessie Ann ~ Intuitive Consultant  &  Spiritual Consultant~ Psychic Consultant

Originally from Scarborough, Maine, I grew up in a single-parent household.  A childhood filled with much joy, laughter, and adventures was also fraught with fear and challenges.  Looking back, I like to think these challenges were an early initiation into the complexity of humanity at large and the deep ocean of human emotions.  Unknowingly, it helped prepare me for my life’s work.

At the age of eighteen I boarded a plane with one suitcase and moved across the country to Colorado and began my journey into adulthood and self-discovery.  Ten years later, my daughter was born and with her a new chapter of my life was also born.  I was no longer a maiden.  I was now a mother, a protector, and a teacher.

In September of 2012 my maternal grandmother passed away.  The only grandparent that I really ever knew, in the flesh as it was, was now gone.  Filled with deep grief, sadness, and searching for direction I took action and booked an appointment to see a world-renowned, and luckily, local psychic medium Rosemary the Celtic Lady.  One visit with Rosemary left me dumbfounded, validated, energized, and filled me with questions which absolutely had to be answered!  So began my spiritual awakening.  Experiences, beliefs, and abilities that I felt all my life began to come into focus. Pieces of the puzzle started to come together. With my spiritual awakening fulfilling my life’s purpose also began. 

I am a natural born healer, an empath, a Reiki practitioner, and an intuitive consultant.  I use these skills to help my clients discover their inner truths, aid in self discovery and self-empowerment, and to guide you to the best possible choices so they may make clear decisions in their personal journey.

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