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Jae Marie~ Tarot Consultant ~Intuitive Consultant ~Medium ~ Past Life Expert~ Death Worker~ Energetic and Spiritual Healer. New Orleans



                                           Tel: 312-796-8159   Email:jamiemarie@pearlsandgunpowder.com   

                                           Instagram: Pearls and Gunpowder   FaceBook: Pearls and Gunpowder      

                                           Twitter: @mambojaemarie

                                           Website: https://pearlsandgunpowder.com/


There are people born into this realm who cannot help but heal others. Whether it be through their smile, their mannerisms or simply the way they vibrate—these beings radiate a healing energy. Jae Marie is one of those beings.

Born into the Louisiana Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions, Jae Marie is passionate about helping folks walk into their power. She is a skilled divination practitioner specializing in tarot and scrying as a means of consulting for her clients. Jae Marie is also very skilled at past life readings which she utilizes to help heal trauma experienced in this life.

Jae Marie is widely respected for her mediumship skills. She values the ways of her foremothers and forefathers, bringing their craft into every session. Her spirit writing—whereby she scribes the voices of spirits onto paper-is an amazing gift. As a Death Worker(one who helps those transition or who are transitioning to another realm), the skills of her mediumship are used to heal beings on both sides of the realm.

Please reach out to her to talk and begin your healing journey today!