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Please note the founder of the organization is not liable for refunds on behalf of individual consultants. As they are all independent contractors. Not all members are certified by this organization, some are just members of the organizations directory. The ones who are certified have been with the organization more than a year!
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All Business Directory Listings

Psychics, Intuitive Life Coaches, Mediums, Tarot Readers etc...

Andrew Mathews - Psychic Medium ~ Spiritual Consultants~ Intuitive Life Coach ~ USA, UK, CAN

Angel Thacker - Psychic Medium Intuitive Divine Channel ~ Angel Consultants~ Intuitive Life Coach ~ CA

Cheryl Pershey Intuitive Consultant ~ CO
​Donna Annis - Psychic Consultant  & Medical Intuitive ~ WY

Eos Isabel Yolanda - Empathic Psychic Medium ~ Pet Psychic ~ Angel Channel~ AZ 
​Glenn Smith - Psychic ~ CO 

Holly K Brooks ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Clairvoyant ~Psychic Medium ~ Intuitive Life Coach~ PA

Ivory Angelic - Psychic Medium ~Intuitive Consultant ~ Angel & Spiritual Consultant~  AZ​

Jasmine Devian - Intuitive  Consultant ~ Crystal Consultant~ Spiritual Life Coach ~ CO​

Jenn Crockett- Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor ~ NM

Jenny Allen - Angel Consultant~ Spiritual  Consultant~ Psychic Medium  & Clairvoyant ~ WA ~ OR

Jerilyn Ito - Angel Consultant ~ Divine Channel~ Psychic Consultant ~ HI & CA
Jessie Ann
 - Intuitive Consultant  &  Spiritual Consultant~ Psychic Consultant ~ CO

Jewels Edwards -Psychic Medium ~ OR 
Julee Hawkfeather - DD ~ CHD ~ Psychic Medium ~ Hypnotherapist ~ GA

Karen Kenny - Psychic Medium ~ Astrologer & Numerologist~ KY & OH

Karine Brule - Intuitive Consultant~ Clairsentient~ Clairvoyant ~ Psychic Therapist ~CA ~ NY
Karri Ann - Psychic Medium ~ Angel  Intuitive Reader ~ CO

Kim DiBritoAngel  Consultant ~ Channel & Crystal Consultant & Past Life Therapist. CO & PA

Kim Mowery - Psychic Medium ~ Intuitive Life Coach ~ CO 

Kirsten Hodgins - Psychic Medium ~ Angel Consultant~Intuitive Consultant ~ Intuitive Life Coach ~ NY ​

Laura Ghedotte - Psychic ~ Channel & Clairvoyant Intuitive Art Practitioner ~ Past Lives~IL ~WI

Leanne Steiner- Psychic Medium ~ Angel  Consultant ~ Tarot Consultant ~ Intuitive Life Coach.  MT

Leslay-Robin - Astrologer ~Psychic Medium ~ Psychic Consultant. NY

Linda Grace -Psychic Medium ~ NY
Lori Hudspeth
 - Intuitive Consultant~ Life Coach ~ Master Fire Walking Instructor ~ TN

L'Vereese Britten - Angel Consultant ~Intuitive Consultant ~ Divine Channel~ Psychic Consultant ~TN

​Marilyn Decalo - Intuitive Life Coach ~ CO

Mary Ursits - Psychic ~Spiritual  Artist ~ Energetic Art ~Consultant ~  GA~IN

Matt Derickson - Psychic Intuitive Consultant ~ Intuitive/Claircognizant  ~ CO ~ CA ~ WA 
​Melissa Stamps - Clairvoyant Psychic Medium ~ NJ
Misti Cooper - Intuitive Consultant ~ Crystal Skull Keeper ~  CA

MJ Olinger - Intuitive Consultant ~ Angel Card Reader~ Psychic Medium~Past Life Regression~ CO
Nancy Byrne - Psychic Spirit Medium~  CO

Natalie - The Red Lotus ~ Psychic ~ Astrology, Tarot & Angel  Consultant ~ Channel & Clairvoyant. CA

Nikki Maly - Psychic Consultant ~Intuitive Consultant  & Intuitive Life Coach ~ Spiritual Consultant~ FL
Pat Forbes - Psychic  Medium~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Colorado
Rev Janet Day - B.Msc. Psychic Medium ~ Intuitive~ Spiritual Counselor ~ CO

Rose  - Psychic Medium ~ Medical Intuitive ~ CA
Rosemary The Celtic Lady  - Psychic Medium ~  Medical Intuitive ~ CO

​Siuking ~ Angel Consultant~ Spiritual Response Therapy & Akashic Record Readings ~ CO 

Susie Cutti - Intuitive Consultant ~ Crystal Consultant ~ Intuitive Life Coach ~ NY & MI
Wendy Barry 
- Psychic~Tarot Consultant ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ CA

Wendy Marks - Medical Intuitive~ Spiritual  Consultant ~ Spiritual Psychic Medium ~ MA
​Wendy Piepenburg - Psychic Medium ~ MI

Metaphysical & Holistic Expos Global

Metaphysical & Wholistic Expos  USA, CANADA & UK

Body Mind Spirit Expos - USA, CO, NC , HI,  OH, OR

Body Soul & Spirit Expos - Canada Put on by Chandler Armstrong.

Casper Holistic Expo - Casper WY April & Sept Every year.