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Artemis Logan~ Spiritual Medium~ Channel & Reiki Master. AZ

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Artemis is a down to earth Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Medium and Reiki Master Teacher raised with a combination of Christianity and Native American beliefs.  She works closely with her guides and angels to help the needs of others and gain clarity through them.

At an early age she began hearing, seeing and communicating with those in the spiritual realm.  One of her first memories of speaking to a spirit was around the age of 3, after that it has become a regular occurrence in her life.  Around the age of 12, Artemis began doing Reiki on her horses, years before she ever heard or knew of the word Reiki.  Relying on her intuition, God and spiritual guides to teach her energy healing. Over the years, she has added crystals, oils and a variety of other tools through studying the Shamanic Healing Arts.  

Many clients have experienced feeling additional hands on them during a healing session.  This is because Artemis is used as a channel for your own personal guides and angels, as well as hers, to come through and participate in your session.  After sessions with Artemis, many clients expressed feeling clarity in their lives after a reading.  They've also found new strengths physically, spiritually and emotionally through her in person and distance Reiki healing sessions. There are numerous benefits you will find in your life by having a strong and powerful session with Artemis, one that will not disappoint.

Artemis is available for personal readings, healing sessions and can do group sessions, if needed.